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In my whole life, I celebrated my birthday only twice, (my 45TH AND 50th). Simply because I am not into it. I would rather save the money and use it for the kids, just like any normal mothers would do. That was nine years ago.


The first celebrated birthday was in 2005 when i turned 45 years of age and this was in collaboration with the company I worked before. A very dear friend and colleague from work arranged for it in a 5 star hotel in Dubai, The Fairmont! Thank You to the very generous boss. For a while i forgot the remnants and pain of being a widow ( i just lost my husband 10 months prior).


It was that time too when I had a glimpse of myself in the mirror that i ask myself, what can I do to mark my 50th birthday? I want something different. (I am single and a widow for 7 years at that time), I just got myself shifted to a new high paying job, my kids are all successful and most of all, we are all together in a country we all love and enjoy. What am I to do? I know deep inside, something is lack and missing,


I decided its time to get a new look! I am used to black shoulder length hair, nude colour lippy and nude colour nail polish, so i decided to get a bit bolder in my look! More colour, more life..and lastly, I activated my dating profile!

It was very uncomfortable at first, with the new look but I managed to get used to it. I started going out on coffee dates and dinner invitation, and for the first time, I am enjoying the compliments coming from people and most from men that i know are worthy of their words.


I set the standards HIGH..the rules. He should be in his mid to late 50s, European, American or British and must be in Dubai! I narrowed it down to three, British, American and Australian..LOL


After 8 long years, I am still with the man I met and dated from that dating site and we are tying the knot this December. He still finds that long black hair for Asian women are the best but he loves my bright and glaring red lipstick and nail polish all the time. He complains about how I cleaned the house many times in a day, and my addiction to plants,we argue a lot on almost anything and everything but at the end of day, we still love each other and the promise to grow old together is what we are to prove till our last dying breath.

So there, Getting Crazy at 50 is not bad after all!!!

Till next time lovelies!


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