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and thank you to everyone who have responded to our survey. Its great to see we all share the same feelings, that the vintage styles, patterns and colours add up to sexy, elegant, feminine and flattering fashions. As one person quoted, 'Dressing like a pin up babe helps enormously with my self confidence' and that is our goal. And its not just for special events. You don't need an excuse to look gorgeous and its so easy to dress up or down, depending on how you feel and how you want to look for any occasion. 

It was great to see people interested in lingerie. Since I bought the business just over a year ago I have focussed on learning about our styles and our Customers, but lingerie is definitely a product range I will look at bringing into our shop.

I hear you with regard getting the right size and the right style. This is a challenge especially if you wanted to buy on line. One person suggested 'getting as many measurements as possible, not just hip, bust and waist'. There is a new technology where you can go into a POD in a shopping mall which scans your body and provides over 200 measurements. Apparently we can register with them and based on this huge range of measurements, it will recommend the exact style and size dress that would fit you. We will endeavour to investigate this further and keep you posted.

We also received suggestions for specific event nights, which we are very open to try. Let me know if you have a special vintage night you would like us to run.

Finally, customer service is our highest priority. One customer hit it on the head by saying 'Make sure that staff have an understanding of a variety of body shapes & the styles that suit those shapes'. I pride myself in being able to recommend the size, style and colour of each individual who loves our frocks. 

I will keep you posted as we receive more great feedback.

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