50's Dresses Australia

The 50's was an era of elegance, beauty, sophistication and in comparison to the 60's, very conservative.

There are two classic dress shapes of the 1950s: the swing dress with an underlying petticoat to give that fullness appeal, and the slim pencil or wiggle dress. Both styles had modest, snug fitting tops with narrow high waistlines to accentuate the classic hour glass figure

Whether it be swing dresses with petticoats or slim tailored pencil dresses and skirts, colour coordinated and matching high heals, gloves, hat, belt, purse, cardigan or shawl were part of the complete package. Teenage girls would love to wear white ankle socks with dark coloured closed-toe shoes with their swing dress.

Some of the characteristics of the 50's dresses included:

    • When sitting down, swing dresses make the shape of a perfect circle
    • Large bows at the waistline
    • Pleated dresses and skirts
    • Plaid, florals, polka dots, and stripe prints
    • Wide collars and puffy shoulders, but not necessary at the same time.
    • The daytime hemline stopped around the knee, but evening dresses were usually long, flowing and to the ankle

Retro vintage 50's fashion has become popular across Australia with the revival of the Pin Up and Rockabilly. However women are now wearing 50's fashion in business, at weddings, dancing or dining. Its a fashion that is timeless.

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